Why I Chose Apple TV (2)

Why I Chose Apple TV Part 2

In my previous post, I went over why I chose Apple TV for my primary tv accessory. After the fact, I thought of a couple other reasons why I really like Apple TV and thought they were good enough to create this follow up post. If you haven't … [Read more...]

How to Partition an External Hard Drive

Partition Mac External Hard Drive

A good external hard drive is almost a "must-have" when you have important data on your computer. I have three or four hard drives that I use for various reasons. This article reviews the advantages of using the Disk Utility app to partition your hard … [Read more...]

Why I Chose Apple TV

Why I Chose Apple TV

Apple has come a long way with their Apple TV. A few years ago, Apple stated that their Apple TV was simply a hobby. Since then, it has evolved from a hobby to a great addition for any household. I purchased my first Apple TV (second generation - … [Read more...]

Mac Server Videos & the iPad

Shared Videos on Server using iPad

The new iPad Air is pretty much every bit of awesome as people say it is. However, I've recently found a missing feature, which was a bit of a shock. I'm running iTunes on my Mac with Home Sharing turned on. This lets my iOS devices connect with my … [Read more...]

Mac OS-X Server and Dynamic DNS using NOIP


I use many of the features available in Apple's OS X Server. One of the most used features is VPN. VPN allows me to have access to my network files from anywhere. It also protects me from spying eyes and links me to my home network's IP address. … [Read more...]

Designers Toolbox – The New Code Collector Pro


The code snippet manager app for Mac, Code Collector Pro, has recently been updated to version 1.6.4 and has some amazing new features. What is Code Collector Pro Code Collector Pro is a code snippet library for Mac OS X. It prevents waisted time … [Read more...]

Passing Input Fields to UltraCart Shopping Cart


One of my latest projects consisted of building a two-page landing page concept. Information from both pages were to be sent to the final page, which was a shopping cart hosted by UltraCart. A quick note about UltraCart: UltraCart is a premiere … [Read more...]

Resize Jigoshop Catalog Images


I've recently been working on a site that uses the Jigoshop eCommerce plugin. The plugin has a lot of potential and so far seems to be a decent option for eCommerce on WordPress. A recent problem I encountered was the image size on the Catalog page. … [Read more...]

Design a Custom Stationery Email Template in Mac Mail

Creating A Custom Email Template in Mac Mail

Have you noticed how some emails look really professional? I've recently received some domain renewal emails from Go Daddy and I must say, their emails look good! They have the logo, the branding colors, the background, changes in font sizes and color, … [Read more...]

5 Basic PHP Scripts for Web Designers


Working with websites can be daunting. So anything that makes it a little easier is always appreciated. Before I get into these 5 PHP scripts, I highly recommend using a Snippet Library to keep track and organize your code. I use Code Collector Pro. I … [Read more...]