MFDEZINE is a Internet Marketing Consultant company that features specialist, Matt Fields.  Matt has been in the internet marketing industry since 2001.  He has been able to work with many businesses as they have grown successful in their marketing efforts. Matt is driven by results first while providing his professional services.

services currently include Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Niche Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Conversion Marketing and Analysis, Driving Leads, and Analytics.

The world wide web provides a vast amount of potential for anyone seeking online exposure. I love new technology and keeping up on the latest and greatest. My online services range from the following: Website & Responsive Design, Micro-sites, Programming, Optimizing (SEO), A/B Split Testing, Email Marketing, e-Commerce, Mobile Sites, and Social Media. If you would like to set up a call regarding any of these areas, send me an email from my contact page.

Everyone is talking about MOBILE! Today’s market is very focused on mobile and tablet marketing. Most websites are seeing at least 30% to 45% increase in mobile visits. Your website NEEDS to be optimized for the smaller devices!! For example, MFDEZINE has been designed using Responsive Design. That means the website is responsive to the size of the browser’s screen. Take a look on your phone, tablet, or simply resize your browser to see the changes take place instantly.

WordPress has become one of the most used web publishing platforms. It’s a professional CMS that provides a website that has a great look and feel and provides a backend that grants access to its users. MFDEZINE is built on the WordPress platform, which provides many advanced features. It is also using the Thesis theme, which is a premium theme built for optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for any online business. Getting your website ranked on the search engines helps grow your business and helps your customers find you easily. Here are five reasons why to invest in SEO:

  1. Online shoppers have money and are looking to spend.
  2. SEO helps you get NEW customers
  3. SEO has high conversion rates
  4. SEO helps you to understand your customers
  5. SEO is cost effective

I offer two highly recommended solutions for e-Commerce. From the blogger who wants to post photos and a few products online to a large e-commerce website with over 1 million products, make sure you have the right solution for your site.