Amazon Affiliate Website Builder

Amazon Theme Builder for WordPress - Covert Store Builder

The web is saturated with all kinds of affiliate marketing tools for creating online stores. I'd like to show you one of my personal favorites - Covert Store Builder.

Covert Store Builder is one of the MOST polished affiliate store builders that I've seen. And yes, it's a theme for WordPress which makes it even better! Read More

Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Keyword Planner Alternative Tool

One of the problems online marketers are running into is competition. The chances to rank a website on the first page of Google is about the same as winning the lotto.

However, there is hope where you have a higher chance of ranking for higher converting traffic Read More...

Purchase From Retail Pages on Facebook

Purchase on Facebook Retailer Pages

That's right, Facebook is jumping into the world of e-commerce. Other social platforms are constantly working on increasing user engagement and even revenue. So it's no surprise to see Facebook jump on the band wagon. Earlier in the year, Pinterest came out with their buyable pins and Google announced on Wednesday that it would be… Read More

All-In-One Marketing Plugin for WordPress

InstaBuilder 2.0

That's right, InstaBuilder is the all-in-one marketing plugin for wordpress and it has been updated to version 2.0.  Calling this version an update is quite the understatement when looking at what this plugin has to offer. InstaBuilder has been around for a few years. It’s initial release provided some good marketing tools but their latest version… Read More

Mac Mail Plugin – SendLater

Mac Mail SendLater Plugin

If you have a Mac and use the Mac Mail app for your emails, I highly recommend checking out this new plugin I recently found called SendLater. The plugin is pretty self explanatory as it allows you to write your email and schedule it later. When scheduling your email, you have three choices: You can schedule… Read More

Why I Chose Apple TV (2)

Why I Chose Apple TV Part 2

In my previous post about why I chose Apple TV, I went over why I chose Apple TV for my primary tv accessory. After the fact, I thought of a couple other reasons why I really like Apple TV and thought they were good enough to create this follow up post. If you haven't purchased… Read More

How to Partition an External Hard Drive

Partition Mac External Hard Drive

A good external hard drive is almost a "must-have" when you have important data on your computer. I have three or four hard drives that I use for various reasons. This article reviews the advantages of using the Disk Utility app to partition your hard drive before using it. Looking for a good External Hard… Read More

Why I Chose Apple TV

Why I Chose Apple TV

Apple has come a long way with their Apple TV. A few years ago, Apple stated that their Apple TV was simply a hobby. Since then, it has evolved from a hobby to a great addition for any household. I purchased my first Apple TV (second generation - up to 720p) a couple years back… Read More

Mac Server Videos & the iPad

Shared Videos on Server using iPad

The new iPad Air is pretty much every bit of awesome as people say it is. However, I've recently found a missing feature, which was a bit of a shock. I'm running iTunes on my Mac with Home Sharing turned on. This lets my iOS devices connect with my iTunes media library. This is a… Read More

Mac OS-X Server and Dynamic DNS using NOIP


I use many of the features available in Apple's OS X Server. One of the most used features is VPN. VPN allows me to have access to my network files from anywhere. It also protects me from spying eyes and links me to my home network's IP address. I've had a lot of success using… Read More